Colors ~ Aoi's Utopia ~

Colors ~ Aoi's Utopia ~

Updated: 02/04/2016

This project is an entry for Lemma Soft Forums annual NanoReno for the year 2014, which already started last March 1st.

Original production run (ongoing): March 4, 2014 - March 30, 2014.
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WELCOME to Aoi's space, world, utopia in which he called "Colors" despite being a colorless or plain white place. But since he created this world, he can name and modify it to whatever comes in his mind.

He believes he is alone in his own world and no one can enter it other than Aoi himself, but one day there appeared an energetic boy covered in bandages much to Aoi's astonishment. But there's more to it. The boy knows Aoi, but Aoi doesn't know him. However, the boy just introduced himself as Aoi's "friend". 

Yet, Aoi claims he has no friends. AT ALL.

His "peaceful" life suddenly disturbed by an unknown boy.

Who is this boy? How does he know and relate to Aoi? More importantly, how did he enter Aoi's utopia?

  • Custom GUI
  • Custom text / dialogue box
  • Unlockable Achievements

  • Size: 42 mb
  • Words: 15, 619
  • Player: Single
  • Endings: 3 (2 Neutral, 1 True)
  • Genre/s: Mystery, Drama, Friendship
  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Released: March 30, 2014
  • Rate: PG+
  • *Gameplay: There are choices that lead to the same ending, so choose wisely.

via Sandbox Adventure (HTML5 Version)



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  1. Can't wait to download :) Will review this later after playing ~ :)

  2. Waah... TT ^TT Where's the download linku?

    1. Hi~! Already fixed! :"D
      I'm sorry for the short inconvenience. QvQ

  3. Great Story! Great Concept!! It was very unique and each ending drives so much emotions, be it a feeling of success, happiness, regret, remorse, heartbreak, and it clearly shows how we should treasure friendship.

    Art is out of the question. It is extremely cute and it fits the of story, as well as the characters!! such cuteness, adorable!!! ~ <3 <3 <3
    A very recommendable game for everyone.

    1. Thank you Mari-schuwaaannn TTATT Your comments are melting me. TTATT //hugs <3

  4. This one was very pretty as well! From the character designs to the backgrounds. The two neutral ending were sad and pulled at the heartstrings in all the most devastating of ways, and the true ending was sweet and heartwarming. I'm glad Aoi realized he wanted to live in the end, and his best friend was there for him the entire time. Friendship really does go a long way!

  5. I unlocked the bonus and I read the original story and I would of liked to read that but the final version is so sweet so I'm not bothered~

  6. It says in Iro's profile that Aoi (or maybe Iro, since I've noticed that their names tend to get mixed up) is a character from Incolore. But which one?!
    If it was supposed to say Aoi, I'm guessing he's Ray, since they share an eye color, frailness and Ray has a picture of a pink girl in his room. But Ray seems too nice to be Aoi and Aoi seems too mean to be Ray.
    If it's H/Iro, it's either Mason or Akira, Mason because of the shared eye color and the fact that he canonly dyes his hair, Akira because any changes in hair and eye color could be contacts and hair dye, and Akira could be a stage name.
    But it doesn't really make sense for Mason to be named Hiro when his parents were going for a pattern with Mason, Malcolm and Melissa (I'm guessing David is the exception because he was born and named before they came up with the idea) and there's no way Akira could wear contacts 24/7 and no reason for him to go by his stage name in private.
    Gah, I'm getting so confused!
    But I'm a huge fan of all your games and I'd like to thank you for making such amazing, funny, sad and emotional games! Please take care of yourself and have a nice day!


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